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November 17, 2010



I think it's important to note that two of the QBs in front of Brady in passer rating (Vick and Garrard) don't have nearly as many attempts, Vick because of injury and Garrard because the Jags have Maurice Jones-Drew and ran a lot early in the year.

The quality of passing defenses matters, too. Garrard gets to pass against the weak secondaries of the Texans and Colts four times a year. Brady doesn't have that luxury. Here's a good stat that accounts for defenses played: http://footballoutsiders.com/stats/qb

That said, Brady hasn't always looked great this year, and has had to go through some adjustments mid-season with the loss of Moss. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain the same level he had against the Steelers, or if he was just super-fired up for that game because he always gets fired up for the Steelers.


Football Outsiders are my personal football blogging heroes -- I was totally thinking of them when I was talking about the elusive stat I was sure was out there...wish I could hang w/ those guys.

Thanks for your comment Mark!


I think the key to the Pats solid play on offense has been the offensive line. Throughout the Pats run with Belicheck and Brady, the offensive line has been one of the team's greatest strengths. Sure, it's had some bad stretches here and there (especially when Matt Light struggles), but as a unit they've played solid and benefited from excellent coaching for years. The Pats excel at drafting and coaching O-linemen.

Brady gets a lot of time in the pocket and this allows the receivers to get open against tough secondaries. The run-blocking has been quite excellent this year, allowing Benjarvus to put up some solid numbers.

As Logan Mankins gets up to speed in the second half, I think the O-line will only get stronger and allow this offense to sustain drives in critical games.


Good point, Shamus. I think the strength of the O-line in run blocking has allowed the play-action to be more effective, buying Brady even more time in the pocket. Sometimes it seems like he has all day back there.


My offensive line coach father would be ashamed of me for not giving more explicit credit to them here. And I do love me some O-linemen, esp. Koppen, Light and Mankins.

This is just my gut talking again, but it feels like the O-line has been inconsistent over the course of the season, especially during the Mankins holdout. Maybe the two lost games were the times Brady's inconsistencies and the O-line's inconsistences met in a perfect storm? :)

They did hold up like champs against a SERIOUS Steelers defensive front, however. But Brady also seemed to have re-sharpened his accuracy and timing vs. the Steelers as well. Chicken and egg, a little of both?

Either way, let's hope they keep it up against the Colts.


P.S. FWIW, in the first segment of Belichick's breakdown of the Steelers game from this past Weds., he's gushing about Tommy Boy. http://tinyurl.com/2dp5abr

I lurve that Belistrator stuff, btw, just wish it wasn't hosted by Zo, who was such a crass jackass about Ellsbury this summer that I've been trying to avoid anything he does...


UP FRONT, is where the game is played!!!! No O line no offense!!!!

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