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November 23, 2010



Salty is the wild card here. He was an excellent catcher before........you know. I believe he can be an everyday catcher again. Guess we'll see soon.


I have no faith in Salty as a full-time catcher. At this time he's a plan B or plan C for the team. He has raw skills, but he can't get healthy and he's never established himself at the big league level. If he turns into a useful player it will be a pleasant surprise.

I think the Sox will sign a catcher with decent defensive chops who will be just good enough not to be a black hole in the lineup. There are some decent options out there on the free agent market. John Buck, Ramon Hernandez, Miguel Olivo and Bengie Molina would fit the bill.

Also Russell Martin might be nontendered by the Dodgers. Chris Ianetta and Mike Napoli might be available in a trade.

In any case, I'd like to see the Sox fill the catcher's position with a league average player and concentrate on getting a couple of good hitters for 3B and maybe in the OF.


So what is the master plan, here, do you think? What subtly unfolding strategy might I be too slow to follow just yet? I read Chadd Finn's article here: http://tinyurl.com/2va5lwu and it got me a bit more fired up about the whole thing...


What's the master plan? Hard to say. I think they're focused on trading a couple of prospects and Jacoby Ellsbury for a franchise hitter. Justin Upton or Adrian Gonzalez. If they bring in one of those guys, the team's offense is fundamentally transformed.

I think they'll get Adrian and move Youk to 3B. If that happens, V-Mart will be a distant memory. They'll sign a scrub catcher and plug him into the 9-hole and no one will care because the team will score 950 runs regardless of who sits behind the plate.

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