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January 17, 2011



I'm still caught somewhere between reeling and denial. Brutal loss and pathetic ending to what should have been a better season. The whole game just seemed OFF last night ... no one seemed to be playing like the Pats we know. When they marched down the field and scored that third TD in like a minute, I asked out loud where the hell has THIS team been all night. It feels like this is just some bad nightmare and the game hasn't been played yet, right?


I'm staying away from any sports news/radio for quite a while - just cant bear it, but I knew I could come here and read what you wrote because you'd be feeling what I'm feeling. This one hurts, and I'm having trouble putting it behind me. I hate that the Jets way of doing things seemed to be vindicated Sunday. Sports are supposed to be entertainment, but in entertainment the good guys win and the bad guys lose. At least the entertainment I enjoy watching. And even all the Pats haters out there can't possibly see the Jets as the good guys. Can they? Aaargh! This will sting for a long while.


@Moonstar sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment, but I did truly appreciate it. We are def on the same page. Hope things have gotten better for you as the week's gone on. I've at least recovered my self control w/r/t Facebook threads about the game I know I shouldn't get involved in. :)

@Anjali I appreciate the commiseration from you too! (Both of you!)


Apropos of nothing, I also wish to add: I wonder how many fights there were in the stands between Pats and Jets fans during this game. At previous games between these two teams with MUCH lower stakes than this one, I've seen people just getting absolutely brutal with each other. There had to have been some true ugliness in the stands that night, to match what was on the field.


Hey, first off, let me say I LOVE your blog. Great to hear the passion for your teams.

Now, as probably the ONLY Jets fan on this blog, I'm sure you don't want to hear what I have to say. Don't worry, I won't go there!

What was really nice to read was the tight bond the Pats has created between you and your dad. Seems very familiar to the relationship my dad and I have developed over the years suffering with the Jets. I just thought it was cool that - for every Pats fan building lifelong friendships with their dads (or moms) you can find the same type of thing on the Jets side.

Probably not expressing the point here, but it's interesting how a passion for football can bring all our families together, regardless of team...


Thanks, Craig. As Jets fans go, you're pretty all right. :) I appreciate you being conciliatory about this game, too.

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