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February 28, 2011



When my son was about 2 I went on a business trip to Boston, and came back with a hat for him. If I said he slept in that hat, I'd be understating the issue. We have hundreds of pictures of him from that time frame, and it seems like he is wearing that hat in every singe one. It was a cheap street vendor hat, so the blue faded out within a year or two. I'm pretty sure he has never been without a Red Sox hat in his wardrobe since.


Great story, Chris. And great job raising a Sox fan outside of Sox territory. ;)


There was a framed picture of Ted Williams hanging above his crib before he was born. He never had a chance :)


Crazy (but cool) coincidence -- in one of my short stories for the Fenway Fiction books, the main character (a female) also had a Williams portrait hung above her crib, as a symbol for how deeply ingrained it was in her family...

Sarah N.

It was midsummer, 2004. I was on my way back from a Lids shopping excursion; I had just gotten a white Red Sox hat, and a green one to celebrate my Irish heritage (in addition to my classic blue hat, of course). My brother called me and told me that we'd traded Nomar. At the moment, I was heartbroken. It took me a couple weeks, but I quickly got over Nomar's trade.

Turns out that white Sox hat ended up being my lucky mojo for watching the entire postseason. I was wearing it when we won the World Series.


Oh boy, I've never washed my hat... at this point I think the toxins and paint are what hold it together, if I washed it it would probably disintegrate.

It's tough going from years and years of only wearing adjustable hats to suddenly being able to wear fitted, let me tell you. Especially because my freakin head is so much smaller than I guess the average male head... trying to buy a fitted hat off the rack (and not some pink or bedazzled 'for ladies' crap) is often most frustrating.


I still have the best story. My son was born on 7/8/04. When he arrived, he was born at 7:18PM in millitary time that is 19:18. I told all the dr's that the curse was broken and they all laughed in my face! I still have the little bracelet with the time on it.

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