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February 07, 2011


Red Sox Monster


Thanks for the thoughtful post. I thought parts of it were somewhat severe -- plenty of women that I play co-ed sports with joke about "throwing like a girl," too -- but I agree with the general premise that Roethlisberger appears to have got off easy.

I won't pretend I was there that day, but the image of body guards covering for him in a bar bathroom while he visits with an intoxicated female was jarring, even though she was 20, not 15. When you compare that to the penalty Michael Vick faced, it's certainly striking.

Count me among those who was happy to see Big Ben whining to the refs about them not flagging Green Bay for defensing his last pass. A no-call was the right call, looking at the replay. Big Ben already has been lucky enough this year.


Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Dan. AFA the 'throws like a girl' part, it's not so much that phrase itself EVER being used, as the constancy of such phrases in the sports world -- as I said, those were only two off the top of my head. Then you have your "sand in the vagina" comments (said about male athletes), and progressively more vulgar from there. It's the pervasiveness of that underlying equation I mention, even though I understand on an individual level the usage is often without malice aforethought, that sometimes bugs me.


Ultimately, some guys tend to view sports as an Al Budny-esque last refuse of "guyhood" and are very defensive of the presence of women. I think a lot of the "less sensitive" comments/ads/aspects come from insecurity about their role in a changing cultural climate.

Chris Taus

All due respect to Pittsburg.­....The Curtain fell.....a­nd revealed a true All-Americ­an team winning the Big Game last night!

Green Bay Rocks!!!!


I like your comment that there has never been a better time to be a female sports fan....well said (as usual)

Fresno Family Law Attorney

Congrats to the packers

Ryan - Packer Backers

And the Pack is poised to repeat, but will they play the Pats in the big show? We shall see.


Steelers are gonna kick butt at the Superbowl again this year Sure wish i was going to the Superbowl, that would have been AWESOME!. Since its cold, lots of snow, and icey roads everywhere ya go where i live, i could ealrly alot of hot coffee right now

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