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May 11, 2012



Josh has always been a strange and "private" person. We never hear anything about him during the off season. He is never in the news for "outside of baseball" incidents--save this golf thing.

He appears to me to be a person who is "burned out" with his chosen profession. He doesn't appear to be able to get "into the job". Sad to see and watch. Hope I'm wrong, but he is in a bit of trouble and can't seem to get himself out of it.

Maxwell Horse

This was the best post I've read on this whole "controversy." While I never really got frothing at the mouth over the apparent villainy of Beckett's behavior the past few days, I was finding myself thinking, "Man, this guy just does not give a shit."

But over the past day or so I realized that so much of that perception was being fed by the media, and not helped by Beckett's tendency to not say anything and not give an inch, even if that stubbornness hurts his public image more than it needs to be hurt. (The recent WEEI interview with Beckett shows, to me, that he indeed does give a shit about this story, to the point where it may have distracted him from giving a good performance.) Beckett strikes me as a "Tin Cup" kind of guy, someone who sticks to his guns beyond what most people would find sane or reasonable, even if it destroys his legacy. (His "guns" being never disclosing "weaknesses." Or never defending himself against perceived villainy, even if it's not warranted, maybe because he figures if people want to believe things about him, he shouldn't have to grovel to win favor of such people.) It's stoicism to the point of self-immolation.

He could've diffused a lot by acting contrite in the post-game press conference. But I think he's resentful that he even needs to be contrite to anyone, and so he made a conscious decision to go completely the other way, basically telling people to mind their own business. I don't find it awesome that he's not pitching well, but I do find such displays of individualism (if that's what it was) awesome.


Well, I'm not saying I find it admirable...just that I don't find it the crime against humanity I'd been encouraged to believe it is. I still think Josh is being a pigheaded SOB and doing anything but help his own cause.

Then again, if these guys were finely media-trained diplomats, they might be doing something for a living other than play ball.

Maxwell Horse

Don't worry. You didn't give the impression you found it admirable. That was just my personal take on the situation.

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